Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Miss Love SeXStoRY

LITTLE MISS LOVE (You give her a name.) [The author does not condone sex with minors. If there is a problem with age, this can be corrected asap, so please don't be in a hurry to mark it for deletion. This story has not been proofread, so please ignore spelling and grammar errors. I was typing with one hand (you know why) so, kindly report any inconsistencies and they shall be corrected.] She lived a few blocks from my house. My house is enclosed with a fenced garden and a path leading up to the steps of my door. I have a dog and he's tied every evening at the door on a long leash for his usual evening entertainment; he watches life go by as he guards the house. That was the time she would come home from school and watched us. She had a sweet appreciative smile as she went by. She reminded me of a girl I used to have a crush on when I was in my teens, but that girl liked someone else and had a love-hate relationship with me. She also reminded me of one of my favorite film actress. But she was different in many other ways. Although she was 17, she was simple. She didn't seem to have any boyfriends and although sexually mature, she was neither sexually active nor experienced. I was quite sure about that. A man knows when a girl has been broken in. She had a small form, so she looked younger than she actually was. It was afternoon time and I had come home early from work for lunch. I wasn't planning on going back. It was Friday and the week had been quite hectic. I wanted to have a good meal, listen to some soothing music and then take a good afternoon siesta. But fate had other plans in store for me that day. One of the rooms overlooks the garden and the side driveway. There's a raised half-wall at the left entrance of the driveway which is often used as a quiet resting spot by people, especially nannies who bring their babies out for a little outing. I had just finished my lunch, and was relaxing over a cigarette. I strolled into the room and went straight for the window for a casual look outside and at the garden. I did have a bad habit of masturbating on one of the sexier-looking nannies. I saw 'her' sitting there watching the trees and the birds. I always felt attracted to her and even as I watched her my cock began to swell inside my briefs. A thought suddenly came to me. How nice it would be to have this little angel cuddle up to me during my afternoon nap, and that would be after I had given her some sex education. Just as I was thinking about what I would do with her, her head turned towards the window, she saw me looking at her and our eyes met. She wasn't expecting me to be there, but she gave me her patent sweet smile. I smiled back. She got up and came towards the window and asked me if the dog was around. He wasn't, having retired to his favorite corner after his meal. I didn't want to miss this opportunity, so I asked her to come inside. I hadn't fucked a girl since college and my work didn't help me make any female acquaintances. She said she was afraid of the dog so I told her that he was asl**p and that he wouldn't know if she came in. I told her to come to the door. I led her in and asked her to follow me. I sensed that she felt attracted towards me just as young girls like men in a natural way when they are at an age when they have no idea about their sexuality but their hormones have begun to get hyperactive. She wasn't particularly pretty but there was something in her that attracted me to her. Maybe it was her girlish charm or maybe I just felt that way because I needed an outlet for my sexual energy. But I knew that I liked her and that she liked me. I put my hand out for her to hold. At first she looked apprehensive, but she slowly put her palm into mine. She accompanied me with a mixture of c***dish apprehension and curiosity, but she felt she could trust me. I led her into my room and locked the door. My heart was racing. I didn't really know what to do now that she was with me. Any physical advances at this stage could prove disasterous and I didn't want to make her nervous so that she'd walk out. I was sexually aroused and my cock stiffened inside my trousers. I was excited to have her with me yet I couldn't touch anything except her hand just yet. I made her sit down on a chair and asked if she wanted anything, she didn't. I asked her if she wanted to see something on my laptop. She looked eager. I turned on my laptop and inserted a music video disc choosing a raunchy track. I really didn't know what she was thinking as she watched this lewd female gyrating in this music video. I sat on the edge of my bed and she looked at me quzzically. My excitement was growing. I took off my belt and unbuttoned and slid my trousers down. She watched my action. I still had my shirt on me. It was long enough to cover my thighs and hence the erection under my briefs which was now at its maximum. I lit a cigarette and grabbed the ashtray as I came up to her. I took hold of her hand and made her get up as I took her seat in the chair settling the ashtray away from the laptop on the table. I sat with my legs apart. Still holding her hand I made her sit between my legs which she did without protest. Her small form settled into the space between my legs so that her lower back was now pressed tight against my cock which was now vertical, the only separation between our bodies being the thin cotton of my briefs and her shorts. My cock was so stiff and erect that the knob just about peeped through the brief. I began clicking the mouse as if I was doing some important work. Something caught her interest. It was the picture of my favorite actress which I had as my desktop wallpaper. She asked me if it was the picture of the same heroine in a famous movie and I said yes. To keep her interest going I said I knew her, as well as other actors. Her interest grew and she asked if I could get her to meet any of them, I said I'd try. I showed her photographs of our favorite actress to keep her engaged. While she was occupied with the images, I adjusted myself. I sat erect in the chair pulling myself away from her. I brought my legs in closer and she responded by placing her hands on my thighs hauling herself further up towards me in a more comfortable position. She let her han rest on my bare thighs. Her soft touch sent waves of pleasure through me. Her butt was now directly in line with my cock. The only way for me to derive my sexual pleasure through her was by doing so in a way that she didn't mind. This was the first time that I had a female body in such close proximity to my own in a sexual context. Since she was wearing shorts I placed my right hand over her right thigh as I continued smoking holding my cigarette with my left hand. She didn't seem to mind that. I then placed my hand over her shoulder and very gently began to rub it. Keeping the slow motion, I caressed her right hand and felt her soft juvenile skin. Already her body had begun transforming itself. The first signs of small breasts were already beginning to show through the cloth of her T-shirt. They were like little hillocks and in time the valley between them would reduce as she grew into a woman. I wanted badly to touch and caress them. My cigarette came to an end and now I had both my hands free. I placed my palms on her shoulders and began gently stroking them as I moved them slowly down her arms. She continued to watch the pictures on the screen. A picture of the actress looking voluptuous appeared on the screen. The picture had the actress wearing a sleveless zipped top and jeans. Being busty, the actress' breasts stood out prominently in that picture. I told her to look how beautiful the actress looked. I then told her that one day she too would look that beautiful. She looked back at me and smiled shyly. I now took bigger liberties and brushed my hand over her right breast, as if it had happened accidentally. She shifted in her seat and pressed closer to me. She turned and looked at me then smiled. I got the cue. She liked being physically close to me and was enjoying being touched. That was all I needed. With both my hands I explored her torso sliding my hands over her budding breasts then down to her abdomen, legs and thighs and up again. I slowly pulled down the cloth of my brief and pushed it under my balls exposing my erection. I pulled up her T-shirt then moved forward so that my cock was now directly in contact with her warm skin. I ached to bring her down to her knees, pull down her shorts and slip my cock into her yet immature pussy. My cock was so taugt it almost hurt. The bulging glans was red like a ripe tomato and the shaft was hard as if it was reinf***ed with steel. A bit of precum oozed from the tip. I wished she could lick it off but I wiped if off with my finger and rubbed a bit onto her lips. I moved back again and this time I pulled down the elastic of her shorts. I could see her butt crack and that sight sent shivers through my body. I first put my middle finger just at the beginning of her but crack then slowly slid it down. Obviously it was a peculiar feeling for her to have a man put his finger down her butt crack. It was something she would never have experienced until now. She asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was inserting my finger into her butt crack. That was exciting in itself. I told her frankly that I wanted to 'fuck' her. She asked me why I wanted to do that so I said I wanted to 'play' with her. She wasn't at an age where she could understand what I was saying or doing and what it all meant. I asked her permission. She wondered why I would want to 'play' with this strange part of her body but I asked again. She didn't respond so I continued to put my middle finger deeper down her crack. She was keeping herself busy looking at the pictures. I explored her butt with my hands and then held my cock directing the tip at the bottom edge of her butt crack. It was awkward because my cock was very stiff. So I moved forward closer to her. She moved back and her arse cheeks rolled over my cock and my cock was now directly under her butt. She felt the hot flesh of my cock and tried looking over her shoulder wondering why my finger had suddenly turned so hot. I let my cock sit there for a while. It was a bit of a relief to have something press against it and it eased the pleasurable pain for a while. I had no intention to insert my cock into her vagina since that would be "statutory r**e". I had already violated a minor girls modesty, but as long as she remained oblivious to my intentions it would be no big deal to her and she wouldn't talk. Since she was reaching the age of puberty I was afraid of impregnating her since I didn't know if she had already started menstruating. Most girls start menstruating by the time they are twelve even as their bodies arn't fully sexually mature. Ejaculating inside her vagina could cause problems since I didn't want to get her pregnant, but I just had to fuck her now that she was with me and the only way to do it was to insert my cock into her arse. I got her shorts down considerably so that I could see her arse hole. It was tiny and although my cock isn't the thickest, ass-fucking seemed a logistical problem. I had my bottle of lubricant handy. I applied some on my cock, adjusted myself so that my cock was in line with her hole then proceeded to try and slide it into her tight anus. I slowly began to move the tip in, like sliding a missile into its silo. It was difficult. She was uncomfortable and that made her contract her anal muscle. I couldn't even get the tip in, my cock just stopped dead at the opening of her orifice. I pulled back. The only way to relax her was to first insert my finger into her arse to get her used to the feeling of having something inside her arse. I lubricated my finger well with my saliva. Being smaller than my cock, it slid in slowly but comfortably. Just as it went in, she relaxed her anal muscle, but she also did something unexpected. She bent forward and slid her buttocks up closer towards me giving me better access to her hole. I began moving my finger in and out slowly and soon she began to rock in keeping with my rhythm. The anus being erogenic had aroused her sexually and she began to enjoy my finger fucking her tight arse. I pulled out my finger and quickly substituted it with my cock. Being thicker it was difficult to get in on the first try, but like before, she relaxed her grip allowing my cock a slow entry into her backside. Inside, she was as hot as a freshly grilled fish. I couldn't move my cock much inside her so I continued to slide it inside until I had got deep into her. With the anal muscle relaxing and contracting, she instinctively began to rock and my cock began sliding against the walls of her arse. Her arse walls contracted and relaxed squeezing and relaxing my cock. Still sitting on the chair with my cock inside her, I now began to slide my cock in and out of her arse. I made her get up from the chair and removed her T-shirt and shorts and I unbuttoned and took off my shirt. The both of us now stood completely nude in front of each other. I got her down to her knees and made her kneel on her all fours. She did all this without protest. In fact, she stuck out her arse and pussy for me like a good little whore who was ready for sex and knew exactly what to do. Her pussy was completely exposed for me. It was small and the pubic hairs were scarce, they had just begun to grow. I could clearly see the thin slit of her pussy. It was irresistible. I could not hold back any longer. I looked down and explored her pussy with my fingers. It was incredibly soft and warm and wet. I teased her clit. All these sensations were completely new for her, but she was enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. I positioned myself behind her and placed the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. I teased her pussy with my cock spreading the oozing precum onto her pussy lips. I then slowly slid my cock into her warm, wet pussy. Being small it was nice and tight. The pussy lips became enlarged and hugged me cock as I slowly back and forth inside her. She moaned like a bitch as I fucked her slowly, sliding my cock deep inside her and then all the way out. It was an ecstatic feeling to have slipped my cock inside a demure and inexperienced female and I was ready to come. I tried to hold back and enjoy the feeling of fucking my "little miss love" but soon cum came welling from inside my viscera and I blew my entire load into her half-juvenile-half-adult vagina. I pulled out my cock but she wanted more. It was all I could give her that day, so I said, "darling, we'll do it again tomorrow".

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