Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Frankie at the Gym again! SeXStoRY

The following day Frankie couldn't wait to get back to the gym in the hope of seeing Liam. She knew he worked out every day and roughly the same time as her, she had taken great care this time before going, she had shaved her pussy and instead of a sports bra was wearing matching white lacy bra and pants. She pulled on a tight t-shirt which she knew her nipples protruded through and pair of tight shorts. As she drove into the car park she was excited to see his car was already there, she got out of the car, went in and ran up the stairs as quick as she could. As she walked into the room, she saw him straight away and the look in his eyes when he saw her was pure sex, her pussy was twinging already, she wondered how she should play it, and making the excuse she had forgotten her ipod she walked back out of the room, just as she got to the door handle he was behind her, pushing his cock into her arse as she opened the door. He pushed her into the changing room and said "you walked out on me yesterday" I wanted more and more is what I am going to get". She fumbled for her ipod as she shook from the closeness of him, she pushed at him and said "you shouldn't be in here" it's the ladies changing room" "go to the disabled shower room and I will meet you there"! Liam begrudgingly walked away from her and did as he was told, as Frankie tweaked her nipples to make them protrude even more through her t-shirt. She walked out of the changing room and knocked on the door of the shower room, he opened it and pulled her straight in and locked the door, he already had the shower switched on as he thought they wouldn't be disturbed if the shower could be heard from the outside. Frankie thought this was very dangerous and they could get caught out but the thought of Liam's cock soon eroded her fear and at that moment in time she couldn't have cared less if they did get caught it would be worth it. "Shall we shower together?" Liam asked her as he started to get undressed in front of her, his cock sprouting straight upwards as he removed his pants, precum already on the tip. Frankie thought it looked so erotic and inviting and wanted to taste him so without taking a single item of clothing off she fell to her knees in front of him, her tongue snaking up and down his shaft while he moaned softly above her and reached down to tweak her nipples through her t-shirt. Frankie got lost then in his wonderful cock slowly fucking her mouth, his precum and her saliva making him harder then ever, she sucked and tongued him while cupping and stroking his balls as she started to feel the pressure build up in his shaft, she knew she was going to get her tonsils showered with his cum at any minute, she continued up and down his shaft grabbing and stroking him at the same time, a growl started to leave his lips and she felt the first spurt of cum and then swallowing quickly he was soon filling her mouth as his head went back the growl got louder and louder as his seed finally stopped spurting down her throat, she held him in her mouth luxuriating at his now shrinking cock inside her, licking the last of his cum of his cock, he pulled out of her. She stood up and reached to kiss him, sharing his juices with him while his fingers eagerly played with her nipples through the t-shirt, her pussy already wet with anticipation, he pulled her t-shirt over her head and continued to pull at her nipples through her bra, his other hand inside her shorts finding her pussy lips and pulling them apart. He pulled her towards him and removing her shorts, pants and bra lifted her into the shower, the feeling of water on her so hard nipples was wonderful as he continued to stroke her pussy lips, he pushed her down onto the seat inside the shower and spread her legs wide, as he got on his knees in front of her, the water was splashing down on his back as his lips met her clit, he spread her pussy lips so he could get right into the nub and licked and sucked at it until he could feel it grow in size, Frankie squirmed all over the seat as his wonderful tongue took her closer and closer to her first orgasm. She could feel it building as she tensed up he could feel it too but he continued licking and sucking her clit not letting up one bit, his tongue was insistent as she heard him say "cum on my face baby!" "I want to taste your juices all over me", just then it rose again inside her as she moaned and squirmed she pushed his head further into her pussy as she didn't want this licking to end, he knew she was close and just as she tried to pull away from him as her orgasm started he thrust two fingers straight inside her as she squirted all over his face, bouncing on his fingers, trying to pull away, he wouldn't let her go as she came and came again her juices drowning his face as he lapped them up. He finally pulled out and bent down to lift her up, his cock hard as a rock again, he wiped the juices from his face and rubbed them all over it, as he turned her round to face the wall, he lifted her right leg and rested it on the stool, came up behind her and slowly inserted his cock into her, pushing against her he pumped slowly as his fingers found her nipples he rode her from behind, his cock could feel every muscle inside ride up and down his shaft she was so tight in this position and Frankie could feel the tip riding against her g-spot making her want to cum again, she knew she couldn't stop it as he fucked her from behind she felt the wave approaching as she pulled him into her her hands on his arse. She pulled him tight into her as he suddenly started to fuck her harder growling in her ear "you dirty bitch" you just love cock don't you" Frankie replied with "I can't get enough of this one" "fuck me harder now" "I am going to cum all over your cock" "want to cum with me again", "I am about to you are so tight and it feels so wonderful inside you" he replied. As he fucked in and out of her, the waves crashed around him without warning she was cumming all over him as his cock still rode in and out of her, with one last thrust he gave her his cum right up inside her, as her knees gave way with him still inside, they both fell back as she rocked backwards and forwards, his subsiding cock still inside her, the water still flowing over them. "God that was amazing" Liam said and Frankie couldn't help but not agree. "Much better then a workout and a lot more fun" she said. Frankie stood up at last and let the water flow all over her, washing herself from top to bottom, fingers playing with her pussy, which was now very inflamed and wet, she ran her finger up and down her lips with Liam still underneath her, "Go on baby work your pussy for me, cum all over me" Frankie didn't need asking twice as Liam slowly rubbed his cock her fingers were inside her and punching away at her g-spot as hard as she could in and out, her legs now either side of Liam's body, her pussy just above his cock she pounded her fingers in and out squeezing her nipple with her other hand, she felt the rise in the pit of her stomach as once again, she screamed out her legs collapsing either side of Liam as she squirted her orgasm straight into his face. As she leaned back she could see Liam cumming all over his stomach, she pulled herself down towards his cock and licked his cum from him, rubbing it into her tits at the same time. Suddenly, without any warning there was a knock on the door "Are you ok in there" "Yes won't be long" replied Frankie, "Ok you are in the disabled shower just needed to check you" "No, no I am fine just getting dressed give me two minutes". They both got up and laughing dried each other off still touching pussy and cock, they got dressed and Frankie said "how do we play this, shall I go first?" "Think you should" Liam replied, so Frankie gingerly opened the door, thankfully there was no one there as she beckoned to Liam to follow her she ran to the ladies changing room and he went into the mens.

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