Sunday, July 22, 2012

adult theater experience SeXStoRY

I'd been going to the adult bookstore occasionally, usually at night if things were slow elsewhere. I'd go into the arcade, find the Glory Hole booth, watch some flicks and wait for someone on the other side to satisfy me. Once in a while it would be slow and no one would show up, leaving me on my own. This time I'd been there for about a half hour, and I heard people entering the bookstore, but no one was coming into the arcade, and I was getting really horny. I knew they had a theater, but I hadn't tried it yet, figuring that if I wanted to jack myself I wanted some privacy in a booth, but things were slow and the theater was one price for 4 hours, so I bought a ticket and went in. It had about 40 seats, and there were about a dozen guys in there, all just sitting and watching the movie. I found a seat in the back and waited for my eyes to adjust. The movie was kind of lame, and I was starting to regret my choice, when I noticed that a couple of guys in my row sitting next to each other had taken their cocks out to stroke (at least if I wanted to jack off, no one would have a fit, I thought). I tried to watch them without being too obvious. Then they reached over and started stroking each other. OK... this was getting more interesting than the movie. They both had their pants down past their knees, and I was getting a pretty good view. Then, one of them leaned over and started to suck the other guy's cock. I was really starting to enjoy the show, and I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed. I saw several heads bobbing up and down over other laps now that my eyes had adjusted. This was pretty cool - like a live sex show! When I looked back to the first two guys, one was now kneeling in front of the other, loudly slurping and sucking. My cock was rock hard, and since nearly everyone was stroking now I figured I could relieve myself a bit, so I pulled it out and started slowly stroking my big, smooth shaft. When I looked back over, the guy getting the blowjob was watching me with a smile. He whispered to his buddy, who looked at me too and then went back to work. I watched as he sucked faster and faster, until his friend grunted and raised his hips. The guy was a real pro, burying his face in the pubes until he had the whole load down. When they were done, they both got up to leave (I thought). One walked past me, and then they sat down on either side of me. Uh-oh... I thought... what's happening. One reached into my lap and started stroking my cock to see if I'd object, and since this was going on all over the room without any trouble, I let him. They both had their hard cocks out again, and they took turns stroking mine. I figured what the hell, and started returning the favor. One of them leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. It felt great, and this guy really knew how to do it. He moved his hot wet mouth up and down my shaft, swirling his tongue around the head and licking my balls. He knelt in front of me, got my pants all the way down and spread my legs so he could rim my ass, then worked his way back up to deep throat my throbbing cock. As I got hotter, I was still stroking the other guy's cock. He stood up and moved toward me, stroking it near my face. I moved forward and took it in my mouth, finding I enjoyed the smooth feel and salty taste. I tried to imitate the action that was going on in my own lap, moving up and down, getting hotter as I sucked and got sucked. They guy working my cock got his pants down and was fingering himself. His friend got the hint, and took his cock from my mouth and moved in behind, positioning his cock and sliding it into the other guys’ ass slowly. I noticed that the blowjob I was getting went up in intensity, and I was starting to get really turned on. Instead of watching guys do this on film, it was happening right in front of me, and I was actually a part of it! The fucking started slow, but soon worked up to a hard and heavy pace. There were other guys watching now, some standing nearby and stroking themselves. The guy getting fucked was devouring my cock like it was his last meal, and I felt him moaning around me. That really did it for me, and I started fucking his mouth as I felt the cum rising in my balls. His friend was really pounding his ass and he was jerking himself furiously. I couldn't hold out any more, and I shot my load in his throat with a loud grunt. It felt incredible! That set his friend off, who started cumming in the guy's ass as he pounded away, and I felt our spit-roasted companion convulse in his own orgasmic ecstasy. I felt his throat working to swallow my load as he came. I was totally drained. I spent a minute recovering, and the other two guys did the same. I thanked them and headed out, knowing now there was another place to get some action

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