Tuesday, March 19, 2013

update on mother-in-law SeXStoRY

ok well since my last story i have been fucking my mother in law but nothing worth writing about till yesterday. yesterday i went to her house to "fix" her kitchen table (which is broke from me fucking her on it) and we started kissing and fooling around when she said she had a surprise for me then her friend from next door came in she is 55 about 5'2" and like 200 all ass mmmmm she came over and said happy early fathersday and bent over and put my cock in her mouth as my mother in law took her friends pants off. i was in disbelief as this old fat lady sucked my cock and my mil put her friends panties in my face, soon they were both sucking my cock and 1 im not sure who put a finger up my ass oh god i came so hard in her friends mouth then she kissed me./ after a little break and touching i was hard again and my mother in law layed me on the floor as the 2 old fat ladies took turns sitting on my face and cock fucking me. god this was the best sex i have ever had it was amazing shooting my hot cum in my wifes mothers pussy and watching her friend lick it out....

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