Saturday, February 16, 2013

Same Time Tommorow Night? SeXStoRY

This story begins with James. James; a semi-built young man that's always well mannered. James was slender, tall had dark hair and dark eyes. He graduated with honors at his local university and went to law school. There he became a respected law clerk and eventually opened his own practice. But even after all of that; one would say that James life is a little boring from time to time. He wasn't into going out and never really had a steady girlfriend. Before you ask, he was not a virgin... he was just never really given the chance to get into a relationship. After opening his practice, James moved into a home with his friend Mike. Mike had been going through a divorce and needed help with everything going on. His wife had left him for someone else last month. After James moved in; Mike was always hinting that the girl next door was peaking at James. They met for the first time after work... while James was walking into his home. Celine; at the age of 23 a nice young girl who was into a healthy lifestyle of working out and eating right. She was a cute blonde, slim and curvy in some areas. They hit it off right away, having lots in common. They both liked sports and spending time at home relaxing. Celine invited James over for supper the next night. Mike graciously agreed and excused himself into his home. Later in that night, James told Mike about the little adventure and Mike brushed it off saying she was cute but not into that kind of thing. Mike had in fact never seen a guy walk in/out of her home. The night passed and it's not onto the big day. James purchased flowers on his way home. Around 6:00pm, James crosses over and knocks on Celine's door. She answers looking stunning, wearing only a short skirt and a flimsy tank top. The top being see through... Mike grabs a glimpse of her tight, black bra. They both compliment each other on their looks and James steps into her house. The smell of pasta was in the air... James and Celine sat down and ate together. Celine had suggested a bottle of wine as well so they both had been drinking. A good home cooked meal for James; he was impressed. Celine asked if James had anything planned. "Not really, maybe we can watch a movie here?" says James. She nods... "Go ahead and pick one from my library". James picks one... throws it into the blue ray player. As he turns around to sit down on the couch Celine makes room for him, then lays on top of his lap. An hour goes by and Celine turns towards Mike. "I haven't been with a man in a while this feels really good. Would you mind if I got more comfortable?” Mike doesn't disagree and Celine gets up and goes into her room. She returns a couple of seconds, completely naked. Mike turns to face her and completely turns red. James a little shy says: "Wow... you look... Great". Celine blushes... "Thanks" she replies. “Why don't we continue watching the movie from my bedroom?” James knowingly that you can't see the television from her bedroom acknowledges the request and walks past her into her bedroom. She follows closely behind him slamming the door shut when he enters. She jumps into his arms and begins to kiss James on the cheek and neck. James takes a step back surprised and allows Celine to continue kissing his neck and shoulders. He starts to caress his skin against his shirt and she reaches down with her hand. “Oh My? What do we have here" she says. "Nothing" he says while smiling. She drags James closer to her bed and sits on the edge. Starts to unbuckle his belt and removes his jeans. James, still in shock isn't fully aware of what's going on. She begins to stroke his hard penis with her hand. Starting nice and slow... she inserts the tip of it into her mouth and James becomes excited and shivers a bit. She kept on licking the sides, then rotating to the bottom and top of his shaft. James closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling of his growing penis in Celine's mouth. He began to moan a bit, every inch that she swallowed he moaned a little louder. Celine started using both hands, one massaging the lower part of James's shaft including his balls. The other began stroking the top/middle of his shaft. "If you keep this up; I'm going to cum" says James with a confused look on his face. "That's alright, we have all night" she replies. Her eyes; staring up at James... She begins to sucks his entire shaft while keeping her hands in rotation. Every second that went by James was slipping... until finally. He's shook once and let out a quick moan. Celine swallowed and pushed her mouth deeper until his cock was completely in her mouth waiting for the rest of the cum. James is now leaning and trying to stand up straight but can't, he cock dripping of saliva while Celine sucks him off and swallows the rest of his cum. "That was amazing"; gasps James. "I bet" Celine replies with a smile on her face. "I have a confession to make" Celine says. "What's that? James replies. "I'm into both men and women... in fact me and my girlfriend think you are extremely sexy. Would you mind if I brought her into the bedroom?". James surprised about everything that's happened so far.. "Really, I don't see a problem with that" he shrugs. Then his eyes widen and his mouth drops as the Celine's girlfriend enters the room. He's shocked, even more so than before. Cathy enter's the room and says: "Please don't tell Mike". James was staring and Mike's ex-wife naked... He knew it was wrong, yet his cock was getting hard and he couldn't stop thinking about the two sexy naked girls standing in front of him. In his mind, James plays back the conversation he had with Mike earlier. "I have never seen any guy walk in/out of her house" (Mike). James was surprised... yet couldn't move his eyes. Celine grabs James and pushes him onto the bed... he turns sideways and she lays down flat on the opposite end. She begins to sucks his growing cock again, meanwhile Cathy begins to lick and tug on Celine's soft pussy. With each swirl of her tung, Celine grabbed Jame's sick harder... Cathy kept eating and licking the side of Celine's legs. A couple of minutes went by and Cathy moved along the side of the bed and began giving Celine a hand. James, looking down at them both couldn't believe what he was watching. They took turns sucking the head of his penis and stroking his shaft. Celine began to suck and swallow his balls while Cathy sucks his shaft. How James managed not to cum is still beyond him... he leans back and enjoys the pleasure that the girls are giving him. Celine then turns her body and places herself on top of James. James adjusts his waist and she lowers her waist... James penetrates her for the first time and they start having sex. Cathy then turns and puts James's face in between her legs and kisses Celine softly. James leans his head forward and licks Cathy's pussy. "Lick me, make me your slave": Cathy whispers while making out with Celine. James twirls his tung into her vagina and massages the sides with his lips. The girls sitting on each end of James licking each other's lips and neck. After a little while, Celine climbed off and lays flat on her back. Cathy: "Fuck me doggystyle, fuck my little cheating pussy". James responds: "Get on all fours bitch". He pushes her down and spreads her legs. He starts thrusting his pelvis right into Cathy. She moans and screams as the pleasure is rising. James grabs her by the hair and pushes her towards Celine's pussy. She nibbles and starts to eat Celine's pussy while James is fucking her from behind. "You're filthy whore" James blurts out, grabs her hair and pulls back and forth. Cathy trying to lick Celine's pussy is enjoying James' hard cock in her wet pussy. Celine appears to get getting off on the scenery that she's watching... James spanks Cathy a few times; "Fuck me, fuck me" she says. "I want to fuck you both" says James. Celine then gets on her knees and spreads herself next to Cathy in the doggystyle position. James then removes his penis from Cathy's wet vagina and penetrates Celine again and starts to fuck her doggystyle as well. Every minute or so he would change girls while they both stayed in the position and kissed. "I want you to cum in my mouth" says Cathy. James who's been ready to cum for at least 20 minutes now removes his penis from Celine's dripping pussy and strokes it. Cathy sits up and awaits his load. In less than 20 seconds he shoots his load missing her mouth a bit. The cum drips down onto her chest... She wraps her lips around his engulfed penis and sucks the rest of his cum out. Celine then licks the cum that's left off of Cathy's chest and they kiss passionately. "You two are unreal": says James. They both giggle and smile up at him... Celine says: "But, you’re not done already? I have one last thing for you to do” and “What's that" replies James. "I want to watch Cathy suck your big cock and then I want you to give it me to in the ass". James couldn't believe what he had just herd... Cathy started sucking on his balls and giving him a blowjob. His cock was extremely sensitive from all of the action in the last 2 hours. Cathy took good care of it, caressing it and licking it all up. She managed to swallow the entire thing in her mouth with one motion. She could bee his penis start to tense up again. Celine gets into position and Cathy leans over towards her. She begins to lick her asshole. "It's nice and wet for you" Cathy says... James gets closer and inserts his penis into Celine's ass. James had never done Anal before, but he couldn't pass up a chance like this. He's a little slow at first, inserting only his head... then as he got comfortable his motions got longer until he was fucking her ass completely. He was moaning a bit, this feeling he had never experienced before. Cathy layed back and fingered herself a little... "Cum on my back" Celine says... James kept fucking his cock was erect by now and the feeling was tremendous. He kept giving it to her while watching Cathy run her fingers in her pussy. She kept licking her fingers and would take turns playing with her hands. After a couple of minutes James couldn't hold on anymore... he pulled out and came into Celine's back.. spraying almost into her hair. Cathy laughs and sits up beside them. She takes his cock into her mouth and licks the rest of the cum. Celine stands up "I guess it's shower time for me" she says. "Wait up" Cathy replies... "Go ahead and clean up James, same time tommorow night?" James smiles and says: "sure"... James cleans up and returns home later that night.. passing out into his bed almost instanteneously. Mike came into his room, "hey dude, how did the date go?" James replies: "I'll tell you about it later, im dead tired"...

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