Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Office Flirting Turns into Office Fucking SeXStoRY

Sitting across from one another in the restaurant section of a local bar, Cathy and I couldn't stop telling each our our deepest secrets. We had worked with one another for nearly two years and always enjoyed one another's company. I was her boss but couldn't stop myself from having "impure" thoughts about getting my hands on her fantastic body. A brunette with shoulder length dark hair, Cathy could melt any man or woman's heart with her sweet smile. A nice plump ass along with tits not too big or small made her the object of my desire. Sexual harassment on the job kept me from making a move. It's a small office and I also didn't need any weirdness between the two of us. I had an office romance years earlier and it didn't work out very well. In recent days, we had shared a lot of personal information as our friendship reached a new level. Cathy was bisexual with a boyfriend at home and periodic flings with women when she could fit it into her schedule. My mind filled with hot images of Cathy eating pussy or fucking a hot babe with a strap-on. These thoughts always led to a hard-on with me spewing cum all over the sheets of my bed. But I digress. As our conversation continued, I felt the urge to share the truth about myself. I had even fibbed to her about some of my relationships earlier in our friendship out of fear of her figuring out that I was a closet bi guy. Yep, to me, bobbing my head up and down on a rigid cock seems like a good way to spend an afternoon! Whether I'm fucking a sweet pussy or getting nailed in my ass by a monster cock, it's all the same to me. I just want to make other people feel good while shooting my own load. At last, I told Cathy about the time I took a guy home from a party and practically r**ed him. My first blowjob, my first cock in my backside occurred on that night. I liked it but got scared because I had a high public profile in the community. I wanted to incorporate male sex into my lifestyle but I let my fear of being found out get the best of me. As we shared our x-rated past with one another, our talk turned to fantasies. I wanted to verbalize to her how I loved taking hot jets of cum in my mouth from a huge hard-on but another couple sat near us in the restaurant. We immediately left to take a long walk. By the time I got home that evening, I was so exhausted from our hot talk that I needed to splatter cum all over my chest during yet another jerk-off session. Thirty minutes later, I pulled off another load – something I hadn't done in five years. And for good measure, I started my next morning with thoughts of Cathy watching me blow a dude. Although it was a turn-on that Cathy now knew about my bisexuality, I was falling in complete lust with this woman. I had wanted her for so long and the previous night during our walk, she indicated that she had an interest in me. Our next day at work was long. Neither one of us could focus and talk of our sexual desire always crept into our work conversations. By noon, we were ready to rip each other's clothes off. We composed ourselves, however, and limited our passion to heavy kissing in the confines of my office. Cathy tasted so fine and just knowing that I was finally getting close to her created quite the rage in my jeans. We decided to meet after work – and we didn't mince words – to fuck. I went home and took a shower. Cathy stayed to try to somehow focus to get some work done. I came back at closing time with thoughts of making love to my shapely, younger co-worker. Naturally, we had to put our fuck session on hold until the last employee left the building. He hung around wanting to talk and asking us to go have a beer. Finally after a half-hour, the dude left. Cathy stayed upstairs for a short time longer to make sure the coast was clear. We wanted to get naked but took the risk of being caught and fired. Finally, Cathy came downstairs. We were both nervous about what was about to happen. I started to kiss her deeply and my cock soon came to life. Cathy sat on my lap while I was in my office chair and she admitted that she had always fantasized about office sex. Boy was I glad to hear that. Cathy's beautiful lips then wrapped around my cock and I enjoyed watching her give a fantastic blowjob. She wasn't afraid to take my dick deep in her mouth and she used her hand in unison to create incredible sensations. I moaned a little too much and she stopped with fear that I would blow my load too soon. Little did she know that I masturbated three times in the past day. Now in my 40s, it takes a little while to reload. I responded to her great head job by getting on my knees and diving into her pussy. She had trimmed it for me and her swollen lips begged to be sucked. I tongued her pussy and clit and I was thankful to hear her verbalizing her approval. Finally, she needed cock in her cunt. I drove my rod home and fucked her hard. Over the next several minutes, we fucked in many positions, including on my desk and from behind on the floor while I yanked hard on her hair – a favorite fetish of hers. I pulled out and came on her ass and then immediately licked it up. As we held one another afterward, we talked about fantasies and decided that she needed to watch me blow a guy. I hope to one day watch her get fucked with a strap-on by a busty babe (maybe her friend could do me too while she was at it – ha). Cathy and I expressed our desire to continue our naughty time while remaining discreet. We have many fantasies to explore in the future. On this day, our office fantasy became a reality.

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