Monday, February 11, 2013


My name is Rick and this is chapter 2 of my story. If you haven’t read Chapter 1 I suggest you do so, as this will explain how I got to this point. Yesterday morning I was a normal, horny 15 year old teenager, and spent most of my “private-time” beating my meat over internet porn. However my life changed for the better at breakfast, when my Mom nervously told me she wanted to become my cum-bucket, and was willing to let me fuck her any way and any time I wanted! For the first time I got to fuck a woman’s cunt, shit-hole and throat, and gave her a massive cum facial. She loved every moment and we fell asl**p absolutely exhausted. Chapter 2 starts the next morning. I woke to a strange sensation, and opened my eyes to see my foxy mom smiling at me as she lovingly sucked on my cock. She paused for a moment. “How is my hot stud this morning? I hope you want to play more games with your fuck-slut today!” “Mom, yesterday was the best day of my life. I don’t know where this is going, but I’m hooked!” She gave me one of her sexiest smiles. “Baby, I want you to understand this is going wherever you want it to. I love giving myself to you, and it really turns me on to know you are in control and I am your sex toy! My cunt gets juicy just wondering what you are going to do next, so don’t be frightened to do whatever you want with me.” I’d given this some thought last night before I went to sl**p, and I was keen to see whether there were limits or if mom really was prepared to do anything I wanted. “Ok my sexy little slut, come with me now and we’ll get you wet in no time!” I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. She was still wearing the little red mini skirt and see-through lace top she had dressed in last night, though these were now disheveled following our sexy games. “Lay back in the bath for me and spread your cunt flaps open.” I could tell she was curious about what was coming, but she wouldn’t be waiting long! Last night we had enjoyed several glasses of wine, and my bladder was full to bursting point. I didn’t want to freak her out, so I carefully aimed my hard-on directly at her cunt flaps and let a burst of golden piss fly. Right on target, it splattered over her juicy cunt and her hands. She was quite surprised by this, but recovered quickly. “Oh, you fucking little deviate! So you want to piss on mom’s cunt do you? Well go on, what are you waiting for!” Mom had given me the green light and I was indulging in a fantasy I never thought would come true, so I let another jet go and this time I shifted my aim higher until my piss was showering all over mom’s luscious tits. Rivers of piss were running down her body, and she had her eyes closed and two fingers thrusting into her soaked cunt. I stopped again and watched my wanton little slut enjoying our filthy games, but I wasn’t finished yet. I aimed my cock directly at her pretty face and let another quick jet go. Mom’s eyes flew open and she gave me a look of pure lust. She lay down in the bath, wallowing in the pool of my piss. Knowing she was enjoying our piss games, I proceeded to empty my bladder all over her. I pissed on her hair and her face, down over her tits, her cunt and back up again. Her fingers were a blur as she rammed them into her cum-hungry cunt, and as my stream ran dry she shuddered as she came again and again. Even in porno films I had never seen a woman cum so hard! “Yes, yes, yes!!!” She screamed as yet another orgasm rippled through her body. “Piss on your fucking slut! Use me as your toilet, this is so fucking hot!!” Mom’s reaction to my golden shower had got me really hot as well, so I bent down and gave her a deep tongue kiss, tasting my own salty piss in the process. My cock was still rock-solid, though now it was pure lust rather than the need to empty my bladder. I picked her up and flipped her over onto her hands and knees, aimed my drooling cock-head at the rosebud of her shit hole, and rammed my cock all the way home in one vicious stroke. She uttered a guttural moan from deep in her throat. “Is this what you want you sluttly little whore?” I shouted as I ruthlessly pounded into her arse. “Do you want my cock deep in your shit-hole you bitch? Reach back and pull your arse cheeks open for me, and then you can suck my cum and your shit off my cock when I’ve blown my load!” “Yes baby I will suck you clean, now do me and do me hard!” I continued to rip into her arsehole until I felt that increasingly familiar tingling in my balls. All too soon my cum was spattering deep into her hole, but I kept pumping and cumming until my knees started to give out. Mom turned around and literally devoured my cock, licking and sucking until it was spotlessly clean and I had to push her away as I couldn’t take any more. We both collapsed in the bath and lay there in a pool of piss and cum, catching our breath. She gave me one of her cat- that-ate-the-canary satisfied smiles. “Oh baby you do catch on fast! I’d always wondered what piss-play would be like but I never had the courage to find out. Your Dad would have completely freaked-out if I had ever suggested it! Where did you get the idea to try that?” “Mom, before you became my cum bucket I used to look at porn and pull my dick. I saw some European porn and they are right into piss games, but I never thought I’d get the chance to try it out. Now I’m glad I did, it was hot!” “You’re not k**ding, I hope you’ll want to play piss games with me in future, that was simply amazing! It was so filthy, I couldn’t stop cumming!” “I really got off on seeing you rolling around covered in piss, so we’ll do this again for sure. Now I have to get to school and you have to go to work, so I guess we should clean up.” She looked at me with a look of mock sadness. “I guess you’re right, but I just want you to keep on fucking me and using me as your sex toy!” We showered together and mom lovingly washed every inch of me, then herself, and toweled both us dry. I couldn’t help but notice she spent more time on my cock and balls than the rest of my body, but that was fine with me! We enjoyed breakfast naked, then dressed for the day and headed off. I gave Mum a deep kiss goodbye and she smiled at me. “Any special requests for tonight baby?” I certainly had plans, but wasn’t prepared to disclose them just yet. “Why don’t we barbecue outside tonight? And I’d love you to look especially slutty for me!” She shivered. “Sounds like I need to go shopping again. See you then!” For the second consecutive day I was useless at school, too busy thinking about fucking Mom to worry about lessons. Finally the bell rang and school was over for the day, and I was on the bus heading for town to do some shopping of my own before heading home. I knew there was an adult store in a back alley in town, but I’d never been there before and I was unsure if they’d let me in as they have an age restriction. Thankfully there was a young guy behind the counter who just nodded at me as I walked in and went back to reading a porn magazine. I had a rough idea of the items I wanted but the range was amazing! I spent a lot longer than I’d planned, but the sales guy gave me a big smile and a discount, saying I was his best customer for the day. I caught the bus and arrived home just on sunset. Soft music was playing and mom had been busy lighting candles again. This time she was laying back on the lounge with a glass of wine and another on the coffee table for me. “Honey I’m home!” I said with a big smile and gave her a welcoming kiss. She looked amazing. Hair, make-up and jewelry beautifully done, and the briefest pair of white lace panties, stockings and matching high-heel shoes. She hadn’t bothered about her top half and her magnificent tits were on proud display. “I can see that baby, I was just starting to worry.” She said, handing me my glass. “I went into town and did some toy shopping.” I replied, knowing this would pique her curiosity. “You look sensational Mom, I really appreciate the way you dress for me.” “It’s all for you baby, anything you want you just have to take it.” She responded. I smiled, this was going to be a great night. “Why don’t you get on your hands and knees for me?” She complied immediately and I opened my bag. I had bought a velvet blindfold and slipped this over her head. She shivered, wondering what was in store but comfortable to let me have my way. Unlike last night I was prepared to take my time and ensure we both enjoyed every sensation. I had purchased a larger butt plug than Mom’s current toy and some water-based lube, and gently eased her panty thong to the side so I had clear access to her fuck-holes. I poured some lubricant into her ass crack and she shivered again as it ran down her channel. I worked it lovingly around her rosebud and then inserted my finger. She was trying to hold still but was clearly loving the back door attention, as she started rotating her hips as though she were slow dancing. With aide of more lubricant I inserted a second and third finger and stretched her back hole until I could easily slide my fingers in and out. I leant down so my mouth was close to her ear. “Did my little slut clean her shit hole for me?” “Yes!” She hissed. “I had two enemas when I got home so my little shit-hole should be spotless. Oh God, you are really stretching my fucking asshole!” I knew she was ready so I greased the butt-plug and gently started to insert it. I could see her rosebud clenching and releasing as tried to relax and accept my intruder. Finally it popped in and she let out a long sigh. “Oh my God I’m so fucking full! You’ve stuffed my ass completely!” “Get used to it, you cunt.” I hissed to her. “You are going to wear this plug a lot from now on, because I want your back hole ready for a good ass fucking whenever I’m in the mood.” “I’m your little fuck slut baby and I’ll do whatever you say.” I helped her stand, gave her a kiss and took her blindfold off. “Why don’t you freshen our drinks and we’ll go outside and start the barbecue.” Our house was in a fairly secluded area which I was really starting to appreciate, with a barbecue area and jacuzzi screened by a row of thick bushes to ensure our privacy. I fired up the barbecue and mom brought out a tray of meat and some salad. She smiled as she walked past and I admired the way she looked and moved. Mom had always been athletic, and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body despite having had two k**s. She moved like dancer and just watching her walk by created tingling sensations in my cock. “Mom, why don’t you come over here and suck my cock?” She smiled, walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Anything you say baby.” She said as she knelt down. She licked all over my balls and my cock and then took me in her mouth, gradually taking my rod deeper until it slid down her throat. I felt like a king, standing at a barbecue tending the meat while this sexy, half naked woman took my fat prick down her throat. “Does the plug feel good in your ass Mom?” I asked. She closed her eyes, moaned around my cock, and nodded as far as she could. She gradually increased the tempo, sucking harder and faster. I sipped my wine and looked at her lips stretched around my shaft. She was obviously after her first load of cum for the night and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Mom was getting better and better at pushing my buttons, and now seemed to know exactly how to make me cum. I let the first two or three shots blast down her throat, and then whipped my cock out of the mouth and proceeded to spray her face with my cum. “Yes, yes, yes baby! Paint your slut’s face with your fuck juice!” She moaned as I continued to blast away. I had to sit down for a moment, and admired my handiwork. “You look so fucking hot with my cum all over your face Mom!” “I love it baby! I feel like such a slut when you do that. I can’t explain it, but I do my hair and my make-up and I probably should be upset when you cum all over me, but it makes me feel so used I really get off on it!” Not that I needed proof, but mom had clearly cum as well as the inside of her thighs was glistened with her own fuck juice, so who was I to argue with that? She made no attempt to clean up my cum, and sat on the lounge as it gradually ran down her face and onto her tits. We chatted about this and that, enjoying each other’s company and making idle talk while the meat sizzled away. When she thought I wasn’t watching she would close her eyes and move her ass around as though trying to push the butt-plug in even further. I had got my money’s worth from that toy already! The meat was ready so I took it off the hot plate when Mom walked past me heading for the house. “Where are going slut?” I enquired. She looked at me sheepishly. “I have to pee honey.” “So what?” I responded. “I didn’t give you permission to pee!” “I’m sorry honey I didn’t ask, did I? Are you going to punish me?” This was a golden opportunity to introduce mom to some more of my new toys. “Of course I am you slut! Your holes are mine and you don’t seem to understand that anything going in or coming out requires my permission.” She stood there unsure what her next move should be, so I put the blindfold back on and told her not to move. I had purchased some handcuffs and snapped these around her wrists with her hands in front of her body. “Play with your cunt bitch!” I snapped and she complied with enthusiasm. I had also bought a short riding crop with a leather thong on the end, and walked around her slowly admiring her naked body and listening to her moans as she diddled her clit. As she shuddered through an orgasm I flicked the whip across her ass checks. She jumped and gasped, but kept quiet and went back to playing with herself. I walked around in front, admiring her full, luscious tits and gave her sharp whack across her left nipple. A long, guttural moan escaped from deep in her throat and her legs went weak momentarily, but she maintained her balance and again resumed playing with cunt. I gave her a shot across her other nipple with the same result. Mom seemed to really get off having her tits whipped so I gave her several more short, sharp shots, alternating from one tit to the other. “Do you understand what is required now you slut?” I hissed to her. “Yes Master I understand. I’m sorry Master it won’t happen again!” Her calling me Master took me completely by surprise, but I now knew she was giving herself to me completely, and who was I to argue with that! “Did you enjoy your whipping cunt, because you certainly had it coming!” “Whatever you wish Master. Your cunt needed to be disciplined!” She responded. “Do you still need to piss?” I asked. “Yes please, if I don’t piss soon I’ll do it right here!” “That’s exactly what I want you to do. Pull your flaps open and piss here!” She hesitated for just a second and then pulled her flaps apart to expose her glistening cunt. After a couple of seconds her golden piss started to flow, and she certainly needed the release as a strong flow gushed out. “Stop!” I shouted and she managed to halt the flow. I took off the handcuffs and blindfold and knelt directly in front of her cunt. I was so hot I wanted to taste her piss the way she had tasted mine this morning. “Now you can piss!” I told her. She smiled at me, pulled her flaps wide apart, and squatted slightly to aim her cunt directly at my face. Her flow came in a rush and within seconds my face was bathed her piss and it was running down my body. The taste and sensations were amazing and I understood why she had really gotten off when I pissed on her. When she finally ran dry she knelt beside me in her pool of piss and gave me the most intense, erotic kiss I have ever received. “Baby, that was simply amazing!” She hissed. “That was so intense I nearly came while I was pissing!” “Well Mom, you we’re so turned on when I pissed on you this morning, I figured I should find out why. It is pretty filthy so that’s probably part of the attraction!” I was covered in piss and mom in piss and cum, so we sat down and enjoyed our meal. We were both starving after our sex games, and joked about needing to keep our strength up. As the sunlight faded we enjoyed a couple of wines and hopped into the jacuzzi to relax, and clean up a little! As we mellowed out I was fondling mom’s tits and cunt, and she was playing with my cock. We were both juicing up, so we hopped out the jacuzzi and toweled each other dry. I bent her over the table and slid my cock easily into her cunt. Despite sitting in the jacuzzi for some time, her fuck hole was still slick and I slid in with virtually no resistance. I could feel her contracting her muscles to grip my shaft as I slid in and then release as I pulled back. The butt-plug was twitching in her ass and I gripped and pulled it out, watching her ass hole gape open after a thorough stretching. I was falling in love with fucking mom’s shit hole, and slid my cock in to her warm back tunnel. The butt-plug had done its job and her back hole was far looser than previously, but still tight enough to give me the sensations I craved. “Fuck my hole baby!” Mom cried in ecstasy. “Fuck your little slut’s shit-hole and fill me with me with your hot cum!” I increased the pace. “Get ready shit-slut, I gonna fill this hole!” My cum started pumping into her greedy ass, spurt after spurt pumping into her ready tunnel. “Yes baby, Yes!!!” Mum screamed as she felt my seed splattering into her. I was so deep in her ass that my balls were jammed tightly against her slick cunt, this was heaven, no question. That was until I looked over and realized my sweet 13 year old s****r Rebecca was home three days early, standing open-mouthed in the doorway, and there was no doubt she could see exactly what mom and I were doing!

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