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Skinny-dipping Sundays SeXStoRY

(A tryst of fate series: #2 brought to you by Dr. MaxMon) Skinny-dipping Sundays, by MaxMon The doorbell rang again and Peter answered it dressed in Hawaiian shorts with a beer in his hand. As he opened the door splashes were heard from the pool out back, along with faint yells and playful conversation from the small group of partygoers who had already arrived late in the morning. Greg and Brenda greeted Peter at the door with smiles and happy feelings since they had grown accustomed to each other throughout the summer. Greg carried a guitar case and a cooler of beer, and Brenda struggled with a large stack of beach towels along with a bag stuffed with munchies. Peter said with the eloquence of a fine host, “Please come in and make yourself comfortable- John is cooking up some burgers and Jill is serving Rum shots and bongs for all who are interested.” As they entered his house Peter reflected that they were one of six couples who found his humble abode a Sunday sanctuary this season. He loved to swim and felt comforted so many of his friends found the use of his 40,000 gallon in-ground pool such a resource. The ten foot security fence that enclosed the pool area offered much privacy from his neighbors, but on occasion the rickety old hag across the street would call the police to complain about the noise. He reflected on how these parties developed into what he and his two other musician housemates referred to as “skinny-dipping Sunday.” It developed from a pool cookout into a routine skinny-dipping trend naturally, once the participants decided to take their clothes off, to sunbathe and swim nude. It just happened that way, a spontaneous event that occurred without concern for judgmental comments or sexual overtones. That is, sex was permitted if the interest arose, but not around the pool area: the sauna downstairs- and the adjoining guest bedrooms- were earmarked for such activity. After the term was coined it was a simple statement to inform their other friends that a visit on Sundays held certain boundaries; that Sundays were reserved for adults -no c***dren were permitted- and that swimsuits were optional. Now, it was commonplace that throughout the day twenty or so friends would visit and partake in the party atmosphere. Since most of their friends were fellow musicians in their early thirties, a Sunday afternoon party and jam session was a wonderful way to wind down, especially after a late Saturday night jig. Of his friends in ritual attendance Greg’s wife was the most curvaceous. He remembered a month ago when she finally decided to take off her bikini. He was standing in the shallow end of the pool with Greg. Brenda stood up on the diving board, bouncing softly up and down, undulating her large breasts while other partygoers chanted, “Take of off…take it off.” Her swimsuit left little to wonder about, so it seemed a matter of formality- a part of introduction to the regulars- if she decided to become one of the many official skinny-dippers. Greg said at the time he doubted his wife would ever get nude in front of others in a group setting, but he was wrong. She put on a great big smile as she took it off to reveal her incredibly athletic 38-24-36 inch figure for all to see, standing like a pin-up girl before she plunged into the water. After that, the first thing she did once she hit the pool area was to take off her clothes- as if she were a natural nudist all of her twenty-eight years of life. After a while most of the men took it in stride and gawked less frequently. What Peter found most appealing was that not only did Brenda have a perfect body, but also, she had an incredibly beautiful face with the most luscious silky brown waist-long hair that accentuated her figure quite well. As Peter and Brenda got to know each other over the weeks they developed pet names for each other, which Greg found funny. He called her “beautiful Brenda” and she called him, “protruding Peter,” referring to his large endowment. As the men in attendance looked forward to see Brenda arrive, so too did the women of the swim club look forward to see Peter drop his drawers. The guys in the band referred to him as the best equipped bass player in all of Ohio, and he kept himself in great shape. The only awkward aspect of skinny-dipping Sundays was the absence of his girlfriend, Nicole. She was not into the public nudity scene and decided to pass on participating after the first weekend everyone decided to take their swimsuits off. It was not that she was offended or embarrassed by her thirty-eight year old body, but her puritanical upbringing left her feeling uncomfortable with the situation. Also, after further discussion, Nicole revealed she felt concerned she would not be a good role model for her s*******n year old daughter, Ryan, if she were to encourage public nudity. Peter was a loyal boyfriend, so when sexual inferences and overtones where made by a few of the single women in attendance he would kindly make reference to the fact that he was involved with Nicole, that although he would enjoy having sex he was a one woman man. The previous weekend he overheard a few of the women talking about him while they were eating in the kitchen. He was outside the window watering the plants when he heard his name mentioned, which caught his ear. “Peter is such a great guy to have us over- it’s a lot of work to clean up after us and to host so many people every Sunday,” Penny-the drummer’s girlfriend- said. She was a chubby blond with a great sense of humor who liked to talk a lot. Penny’s friend, a long legged red-head new to the skinny-dipping scene, said, “I’d be happy to give that big dick of his a hot blowjob as payment if that would help,” to which the three other women laughed. Tammy- John the guitarist’s wife- said, “He certainly is well endowed, swinging that meat around the pool- it’s hard not to stare at him sometimes… Brenda, I caught you checking him out while you were swimming earlier; you had a good long look and I could tell you were thinking bad thoughts.” The women laughed again, and Charlene, a vocalist who sat in with the band on occasion, said, “My god how could you not check him out- his dick is so huge if someone was drowning he wouldn’t have to throw them a lifesaver- he would just hold out his dick and say grab on and pull yourself to safety.” The girls found this hilarious, and resounded with laughter. Brenda said, “He must have incredible self-control. Sometimes I notice a few of the guys getting hard-ons after watching pretty naked ladies strut about, but he never gets turned on out there, which is too bad because I am a bit curious…” Charlene said with excitement… “About just how big that sucker gets? I wonder about that, too. I hate to admit it, but after I went home last weekend I masturbated and thought about him screwing my brains out.” Brenda smiled as if in acknowledgement and said, “I’ve never been with a well hung guy. Protruding Peter is bigger limp than Greg is when he is hard. I guess it is natural to have fantasies; I know Greg thinks about you, Penny- he told me so while we were talking about what fun we have coming over here.” Penny said, “That is so sweet, Brenda. I sometimes wonder if any of the guys think about us in that way with your hot body bouncing around the pool, but like you said it is a pretty natural thing to do. Hell, I fantasize about lots of guys who keep their cloths on… not to mention guys like Stan the man out there for all to see,” referring to the muscular black Sax player in Peter’s band who was also well endowed. Peter remembered how Tammy noticed him out of the corner of her eye while he was standing pretty close to the window, how she motioned to the girls that he might be listening. Charlene took the cue and changed the subject just in case, and he moved to water the other shrubs. Peter concluded that women are just as obscene in their thoughts and actions as men, how the guys get criticized as being vulgar while women are just as dirty and nasty as men when it comes to sex talk. As the Sunday event dwindled to a few people, Peter noticed Penny hooked up with Stan, and they headed downstairs to the sauna, which left him sitting around the table drinking with Greg, Brenda, Tammy and John. A joint went around and they all sat pleasantly watching as the sun set. Peter put on his shorts and went into the house to refill his mixed drink, and got sidetracked by the news on the television. He sat down in the grand room, and stared intently at the correspondent who reported about additional v******e in Afghanistan. The large glass door entrance to the pool area slid open and Brenda entered looking at the television. She rolled the door closed behind her. Peter looked at her and realized she wasn’t wearing or holding a towel, which was her common thing to do while inside the house. In fact, she wasn’t even carrying her drink. She stood still there for a moment, watching the program. He always found it intriguing how a nude sunbather changed in appearance while in the house, as if the pool were a natural place to run around naked with friends, and inside the house nudity took on a different overtone- most swimmers covered up somewhat while in the house. Brenda looked like a model fallen out of a Playboy magazine; she was one classy lady standing there naked as a jaybird. She said, “I wanted to apologize about last weekend- I think you might have overheard a few comments I made about you while I was in the kitchen with the girls. I’m sorry we were talking about you like that, and wanted to let you know how embarrassed I felt once I noticed you were listening. Peter’s cheeks flushed and he fidgeted, “I might have heard a few things, but I take them in stride knowing you girls can get out of hand just as easily as us guys when we get to talking about sex.” She gracefully walked in front of the big screen TV, blocking out the correspondent and most of the big screen. She said, “I talked with Greg about the conversation we had, and what I said I think you overheard. Anyway, we got to talking and I thought I should apologize.“ He noticed something had changed about her demeanor, that her stance was quite sensual and revealing. She stood with her feet considerably apart from each other, which gave him a clear view of her shaven pussy, with her meaty labia in full view. This was new in that Brenda always sat with her legs closed or a towel dr**ed across her so as to prevent others from peeking at her most private parts. Also, her hands rested on each hip, and she moved ever so slightly while talking, sufficient to make her large breasts sway. Peter said, “No apology needed, Brenda. Actually, I felt intrigued you girls might see me in that way because I don’t see myself like that. It surprised me to think you might wonder about me sexually because you never gave me any indication that you have interest in anyone but Greg… I mean you seem so happily married.” Benda quickly squatted to her knees and sat back on her feet, still not closing her legs. Her breasts bounced as she sat back upon herself, and rested her hands atop her thighs. She said, “We are happy and I love him so much you can’t imagine. He makes me so happy in all respects, Peter, so life is pretty good.” Peter said, “Well, Greg is a great guitarist and a fantastic friend, too. I am blessed to have both of you in my life. I feel ecstatic that you two are comfortable enough around me to attend our skinny-dipping Sunday parties- you know Greg never thought you would take that bikini off! Now, it seems, you don’t want to put your clothes back on…” he continued after a slight pause as his comment fell off as if distracted“…even after we are done swimming.” His eyes gazed down her body, looking at her full breasts that dangled as close as he had ever seen them. They were so beautiful. Peter wondered if Greg was wondering what was going on, that he could see her through the large glass door sitting in front of him in such an alluring posture, her hair pulled straight down her back, which was different in that Brenda frequently dr**ed her hair in front of her body- as a screen of sorts. “I feel the same way about the two of you, and we all have to go out to dinner sometime soon. Nicole and I really enjoy your company,” he said with genuine sincerity. “Peter”, she said drawing out his name as if struggling to find words to express herself, “When I talked with Greg about my embarrassment I told him about what I said, about never being with a well endowed guy, and about how I felt curious in my fantasies…” she said this while shrugging her shoulders, “… and he became upset with me. We got into an argument, and he obviously felt self-conscious, thinking I might not find him an adequate lover.” Peter was following the conversation with great concentration, trying to understand where she was going with her line of thought. He asked, “What does that have to do with me?” She smiled, and became shy for a moment, as if she were a schoolgirl who didn’t want to fess up to breaking an important rule. “We got to talking about our fantasies and agreed to indulge each other by experimenting a little. He wants to have sex with my best friend Karen and I told him I wanted to have sex with you. My friend Karen is coming over for dinner tomorrow night, and well, I thought I’d see if you might like to have sex with me.” Brenda sat up on her knees, bringing her beautiful body to a perfect stature, as if inviting him to touch her breasts, to peruse her lean torso and firm thighs. She smiled timidly, and placed her hands on her hips like wonder-woman. Peter was dumbfounded, and in great conflict. He never cheated on Nicole even though many opportunities presented themselves. He found himself getting aroused despite himself, staring at beautiful Brenda whose eyes shown great lust and desire. Peter asked, “Right now?” She said, “… and he wants to watch us having sex while he masturbates, like I will do tomorrow night.” Peter laughed, “You have got to be k**ding me, right? Did Greg put you up to this? Is this some kind of a joke… is he watching us right now laughing his ass off?” Brenda smiled, moved her arms back behind her and grasped her feet, then swayed her breasts invitingly while slowly moving her knees apart. “Would I do this if it were a joke?” She moved her body slowly so Peter could see a side profile of her tits and ass while she caressed herself. Peter said unconsciously, “You have got to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” She said playfully, “I want to suck on your huge cock, and make you come all over my tits.” She grabbed her breasts in each hand and pushed them together, knowing no man could resist them for long. Peter looked out through the glass window, and saw Greg staring back at him with his hands on his dick. Tammy was on her knees in front of John, who was sitting and watching Brenda. Tammy was obviously giving him head. Brenda stood up and said, “Come over here with me,” grabbing his arm encouraging him to stand and move toward the glass window. Peter found it erotic to have other people- close friends he could trust to not say anything- watch him have sex with a beautiful woman as if he were some kind of porn stud. It was like their eyes were cameras, and they were going to see Brenda fuck him, including the proverbial come shot on her tits and pretty face. She brought him to the glass door, turned him sideways and got on her knees. She pulled his shorts down and grabbed his cock, which was slowly growing larger. He looked out at Greg for a moment, and noticed Tammy was jerking him off while sucking on John, who was still watching the beautiful woman who filled the plate glass door twenty feet away. Brenda began sucking on Peter’s cock, while rubbing his balls and squeezing his cock into an erection. At first she was able to take him halfway down her throat, but as he grew she found it increasingly more difficult to get him deep into her throat. She was breathing heavily and her face was flushed, her eyes tearing slightly. She was so passionate in her blow job he could not help but reflect upon how casual Nicole was when she went down on him. Brenda was hot and wanted the full big dick experience. She began to struggle with sucking on Peter’s cock, as it grew to such a large size it both surprised and intrigued her; she could just barely get the head into her mouth now, and used both her hands to stroke him while she sucked, making loud slurping noises. She moaned way back in her throat and found she was short on air, gasping slightly. Her right hand fell to her pussy and she fingered herself while sucking on his big dick. Peter heard a moan outside, and looked to see Greg shoot a large load onto his chest, while Tammy jerked him off. John looked stone-faced, fixated on Brenda as she sucked on Peter vigorously. He could see Tammy’s head move up and down rapidly, while she rubbed her own pussy. Brenda began to moan with great intensity, while Peter looked down at her sucking his dick, trying to get more into her mouth than would fit. He groaned as Brenda pressed her lips on the head of his dick, occasionally taking it out to lick it and stroke the head with her soft left hand, while swirling her right hand over her pussy violently. She gagged more moans, took Peter’s cock out of her mouth with barely sufficient time to exclaim, “I’m coming…I’m coming,” then stuffed him into her mouth again using her taught lips to move across the head of his cock, while gagging in orgasmic spasms. She was so loud in her excitement Peter imagined his neighbor must have even heard her screams through the glass door. She collapsed down on to her haunches, breathing heavily, still rubbing herself lightly while stroking Peter’s engorged penis. After a moment, Peter helped her onto her feet, then moved her so she was standing with her breast pressed against the cool glass, her hands splayed on the top of the door for support. Peter quickly moved behind her, and then entered her slowly. After a few strokes- just using half of his cock –Brenda felt a wave of pleasure, and she thrust her tits against the glass while at the same time pushed back with sufficient f***e to take Peter’s cock to the hilt. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, my god you are so deep,” she said with a mix of pain and pleasure. Peter began to push back as her hips moved to greet him, as she slammed her big tits against the glass. The expression on her face was that of incredible surprise and she bellowed loud groans of pleasure. John was so taken back by the show behind the glass door he started to moan in a spasm of his own, while his wife sucked him off into her mouth. It was like a live sex show in some NYC porno booth he read about. Tammy kept sucking him, knowing that he was so turned on he would keep a good erection. Brenda was staring out of the door while Peter fucked her with slow long strokes, so she could feel him deep, and feel him as he almost came out of her, occasionally doing so in order to stroke his cock against her clitoris. She could see her groaning face reflecting in the glass while she watched John have an orgasm. She felt as if she entered an orgy where everyone was coming, and she was turned on by the flagrant sexual atmosphere, how Greg was turned on by watching Peter fuck her with his huge cock. She decided to give Greg a better view, so she moved down onto all fours- so Greg could watch Peter’s cock enter her doggie style. Once fully inside of her Peter said, “Fuck me. Ride my cock, Brenda,” and slapped her ass hard. She responded with a guttural groan that seemed to vibrate the glass door. Peter fondled her huge tits as they swayed beneath her. Brenda turned her head to see if Greg was watching, but he was rubbing Tammy’s tits as she rode John on top of his chair. Brenda and Tammy exchanged glances, as the both groaned in ecstasy. They smiled at each other through the window; Brenda thought as if Tammy were telling her with her eyes how envious she was, to have Peter’s cock deep inside of her. The notion excited her, and she began to feel another climax building. Peter pushed into her with great velocity, feeling her pussy tighten around his prick. He leaned back and pushed her on top of him while gently squeezing her magnificent breasts. Tammy watched Brenda’s face while Peter shoved his huge dick into her time and time again until Brenda exploded into an intense orgasm. She tottered back and impaled herself deep onto his cock and grinded her ass against his abdomen, trying to maintain her balance while she came; it was almost as if his stiff dick enabled Brenda to balance herself as she rocked back onto him in a mild convulsion. Peter looked out of the window to see if Greg watched his wife orgasm, but noticed he was standing precariously on top of a wobbly chair while Tammy fucked John and gave him some head. He could not help but notice how graceful Greg looked perched in such a position, with his dick fully embedded in Tammy’s mouth to the hilt. Brenda felt so uninhibited it was like that first time when she took off her bikini in front of all of those people. Now, she was so hot and aroused by Peter, and Greg watching her with his tender eyes. She positioned Peter so she could mount him in a cowgirl position, but she squatted above his dick. Her mind wondered for a moment to consider what may lie ahead of her the following night. At that very moment she decided to experience her first three-some, it being a week of firsts and all. Once Peter got comfortable he held Brenda by her hips for support, and could not help but feel moved by her beauty, by her voluptuous body and those astonishing soft, yet firm, breasts; her hair cascading down her lean muscular body tickled his stomach. He held onto her as she slid his cock in as far as it would go, bouncing her breasts against his chest as she pumped him with her tight pussy. And Brenda had such a beautiful, expressive face; he watched her expression change with each downward stroke as if she were a jazz musician captured in the groove of the moment. She said, “Ohhh, yes, god you feel so good deep inside of me,” as she looked just as deeply into his eyes with great passion. In the background Peter heard Tammy come in a heavy orgasm, while Brenda squatted on him with the rhythm of a belly dancer, contracting her abs and pushing her pussy down like a velvet vice- he wondered how much longer he could hold out before he came. Tammy wouldn’t let Greg fuck her, but John encouraged her to suck him off. She got an idea and moved Greg by grabbing his dick and balls toward the sliding glass door. She positioned Greg so he was facing Brenda as she straddled protruding Peter, now on her knees bounding up and down on him. They looked at each other separated by the glass. Then, Tammy went to work on Greg with great skill, watching Brenda with hope she and Greg might come together. Her idea worked in that both Benda and Greg were turned on by the situation, both separated by glass, yet psychologically intertwined as lovers. Tammy thought how sweet, as they both began to moan and move toward mutual orgasm. She jerked Greg’s cock with quick wet strokes, now that he was so close to orgasm, aiming his cock toward the glass, watching as waves of his come plowed onto the glass. It ran in creamy streaks quickly downward toward the floor. She pressed his cock against the glass close to Brenda’s face and crushed it tenderly like a windshield wiper pushing his come around the glass, providing Greg with an exhilarating end to his orgasm. Brenda came at the same time he shot his wad toward her protected face, partly expecting to feel its hotness. Her orgasm was even stronger this time, and she grinded herself down onto Peter as she jerked from side to side uncontrollably, adding pressure to the walls of her vagina and clitoris. Brenda rolled off of Peter, holding both hands between her legs; she lay spent next to him breathing as if she had just completed a 12K run. She said, “My god, what an incredible orgasm… my god what an incredible cock.” Peter felt somewhat left out, with all the orgasms going on around him; he was still rock hard. He caressed Brenda’s back while she recovered. He waited impatiently: he wanted to come on those incredible tits as promised. He could see Tammy talking to John, but could not make out their words. After a moment, Tammy slid the door open, sat on the stair in front of the door and moved determinedly to stroke Peter’s cock soon as possible, knowing he had not come yet. Tammy said, “Dam, you are one huge guy… it looks like you might have killed Brenda with your big dick,” while inspecting the girth of his long cock. Brenda laughed, rubbed the sweat from her eyes and said, “I’m still alive. My god that felt so good.” She turned to her husband and said, “Honey, I haven’t seen you shoot such a wad of come like that in a long time.” Greg lay back motionless, and found the energy to say, “Holy shit, this is one erotic day. I think I came four times.” Tammy sucked on Peter’s cock with incredible intuition. She was able to take a lot of him. She stuffed three quarters of his big cock into her throat before coming up for air. She knew how to use her hands, too, grasping his shaft hand over hand, moving up and down to accentuate her deep throat action. Peter lay on his back and enjoyed the sensation of a Tammy’s mouth sucking on his dick, how he had never been with two women at the same time. How, in such a strange and pleasurable turn of events, John’s wife was expertly sucking him off. He felt two other hands on his shaft and saw that Brenda had returned to assist Tammy’s effort. As he stared at them he could see they were enjoying themselves, taking turns sucking on his dick- it was a tag-team event that felt delicious. Peter said, “Holy shit, I never had two girls sucking on me at once. Fuck, this feels incredible.” At one point, Brenda had one hand at the base of his cock, and then Tammy had her hand wedged around his dick on top of Brenda’s hand- hands followed in sequence as if they were grasping a baseball bat to decide who hits first; all four hands engulfed his dick leaving its thick head protruding from the top, as the girls lightly turned their slick hands as if screwing off the lid of a bottle of pickles. Brenda said to Tammy, “He is a four hander,” and they both laughed. Then Brenda said, “Let’s stand him up and finish him off on my tits.” They helped Peter to his feet, and then the girls knelt and once again took turns sucking on his dick. After a few minutes of bliss Peter was beside of himself. He was huffing and puffing as if he were lifting a great weight. The tendons of his neck struck out, and he started to moan in unison with the girl’s rhythmic action and verbal encouragement, “Come for us, Peter…. We want to see you come…Come for us Peter…” Brenda said, “I want a big load of come on my tits, Peter, or we will have to do it all over again…” She could see Peter was ready to come, so she took control of his cock, pumping him with both hands toward her breasts. She smacked his cock on her nipples and moaned lightly; pushing him into an orgasm he deserved so much for making her body feel so wonderfully full and vibrant. Just before he came Tammy grabbed his balls and played with them. Peter chanted, “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit…ahhhhh”, as he came hard, thrusting his pelvis toward Brenda’s fast moving hands. The first shot missed its target and landed squarely across Brenda’s face- a huge stream of come. The other five large squirts struck Brenda’s tits and covered them with a massive amount of thick come. While she messaged the come around her tits she was amazed at the quantity of come he put out. She was covered in hot sperm, and she loved it. She lapped at her tits and ate a large quantity of it, playing with it using her hands to grasp strands and slide them into her mouth, wiping most of the come off her face into her mouth. While Brenda was preoccupied with Peter’s come fest Tammy went back to Peter’s prodigious cock and sucked him dry, while he watched Brenda’s actions. She continued to suck him lightly until he started to soften. Then, Brenda returned and took over, rubbing his cock around on her glistening tits, murmuring “Mmmmmm,” while she worked. After a while they all returned to the table, refreshed their drinks and passed around another joint. They shared their individual perspectives on the experience, each with a unique story to tell. In general they all felt satiated by the impromptu experience, each vowing never to discuss what happened with anyone else. A few minutes later Stan and Penny returned from the basement, and asked if they had missed anything. A few light chuckles drew out into virtuous silence. They sat back and enjoyed the rest of the evening as even closer friends.

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